Service Disruption - 26th July 7:15

7:15 - Some customers have reported that they are unable to log into Easycallnow. The problem is being escalated to the Infrastructure team.

8:00 - The service has been restored and customers can now continue using the platform. Apologies for the disruption.

Reason for Outage – Platform Availability and Responsiveness

Date of event:


Event Summary:

On Sunday 2015-07-26:

Some customers on Silo1 (Easycallnow, Legacy API customers) contacted customer support reporting agents were unable to login and/or place and receive calls. First report was received at 8am 26th.

Impact Analysis:

Repair Action:

Long queries were killed and this resolved the issue.

Root Cause and Preventive Measures:

The root cause of this event has been identified to be a change made to system configuration on Thursday 23rd July which was done as one of several measures to address a performance issue being experienced at the time.

This change meant that a weekly cleanup and optimization process locked out servers that would usually be available to service customer queries.

To prevent the type of issue happening again, the change has been reversed. The change was not needed to resolve the performance issue on Thursday 23rd and so no further impact is expected.


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