Issues with Billing - 06th October 2015


Real time billing on Easycallnow stopped on the 2nd of October, and the platform has not been rating calls on the front end since last Friday.

We will be restarting this job overnight, which will cause your balance to catch up with your activities since Friday morning and call spend will be deducted from your current balance. This will mean that if you have been calling since Friday your balances will not have changed on your screens but they will change overnight.

If your balance is currently low it is possible that you will not be able to dial tomorrow morning as your balance may go into a negative if your usage exceeds your balance level, which would mean you will have to top up your account. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account so that you can continue dialling uninterrupted tomorrow.

If you require further information please contact your Account Manager or get in touch with your customer support team.


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