Fault Report for Incident on 4 November 2015

Reason for Service Incident - Final


On Wed 4th November, Some Agents of Easy Call Now experienced issues dialling into the queue service. This occurred on one Agent gateway which had undergone routine maintenance the night before. This maintenance involved cloning, patching, and recompiling the call control component. The procedure was performed according to spec, and had been performed without error on a large number of prior gateways. This gateway was then removed from service, and all  agent dial in calls completed successfully.


09:05 - 8x8 declare incident following customers reports of some Agent’s being unable to initially dialling into their queue service. 09:28 - Agent gateway removed from service, and incident stopped.


  • The failing gateway was removed from service.
  • Future calls hit the rest of the Agent gateway pool and completed successfully.

Root Cause

A specific component failed which was not part of the alarm system. Following the incident,the maintenance procedure was updated to include additional checks for this component,and alarms were also built to specifically monitor this component.

We apologise unreservedly for the inconvenience caused.


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